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Fangxing PSP 1040T

PSP Steel Panel is a new light weight building material made by steel sheet and polymer synthetic resin film. It combines the excellent performance of both resin and metal.

1040T is made for industrial and commercial roofing.


  • Cooling Effect
    The surface engineering resin materials uses infra-red reflection technology, which can reflect over 30% of infra-red ray.
  • Fire Resistance
    PSP Steel can meet Class A requirement of all kinds of buildings.
  • Electricity Insulation
    PSP Steel is coated by two layers of synthetic resin material, which protect the product from electricity conduction. It's a safe material.
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
    PSP Steel has the same mechanical property with the Hot Galvanized Steel.



Based on our over ten years of experience of using ASA engineering resin in outdoor environment, we offer 10 years warranty for the color.

In general environment, we offer 20 years life warranty.

For corrosive environment, please contact our technical team.

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