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Ultra™ Roof Sheet

Fangxing Ultra™ Roof sheet is made from polyester resin (unsaturated) and additives under advanced production technology.

It is tough, durable in color and lightweight, better than metal and galvanized sheet.


  • Aging resistance
    Fangxing uPVC roof is coated with modified resin, which is developed by our R&D team.
  • Heat resistance
    The thermal deformation temperature of the product can be improved by 10~15 °C, which can be used to cover the insulation material.
  • Anti load
    Reinforcing fiber makes flexibility be significantly improved.
  • Fire resistance
    Fire resistance rating is B1 level (flame retardant).
  • Heat insulation
    The thermal conductivity is 0.213.
  • Corrosion resistance
    Fangxing uPVC roof is resistant to acids, fungi and humidity.


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