Slate Roof Project in Melbourne Australia

FANGXING Slates are once molded into shape under high temperature and high pressure with the main materials of natural stone grains. They are presented in the tasteful and elegant constructions with natural style.

Superior Performance:
All -weather: applicable under severe climatic conditions
Fireproofing: pass the UL94-96 Standard test, the result is V-0
Security: Interlocking lapping between the tiles, no possibility to fall
Waterproofing: the water absorption rate is only 0.43%
Bending Strength: 1047N (Support spacing: 260mm)

CSIRO approved in Australia, and match the fireproofing standard over there.

Below is a natural slate roof replaced by FANGXING interlocking slate in Melbourne.IMG_1621

IMG_1622       IMG_1623


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