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Fangxing solar roofing tile, photovoltaic type.

Fangxing Solar Slate

(1) product introduction :
   *Applicable to the roof directly by embedding the photovoltaic mocule into the support structure,
     perfect combination of solar panels and building materials.
   *Installed on the roof the same way as general roof tiles.
   *Each solar panel includes 12 pieces of monocrystalline silicon solar cells
   *Applicable roof:slope roof
   *Applicable filed:New-built roof,Re-built roof
    (2)Advantage and features:
   *New clean energy
   *Noiseless and reliable energy output
   *Maintaining a natural and harmonious architectural style
   *Reducing pollution and carbon dioxide in air
   *Effectively reducing end customer’s cost on energy
   *Providing the safe and sustainable energy solutions
   *Increasing the value of buildings
   *Minimum maintenance cost and long serviece life
   *25 years 80% energy output
   (3) Technical Data:
   *Overall size:410mm*940mm
   *Effective size:350mm*900mm
   *Weight :6.0±0.2kg
   *Power under standard test conditions(Wp).Pm:30
   *Optimum operating voltage(V).-Vmp :6.0
   *Optimum operating current(A).-Imp:5.0

Fangxing Solar Roof Tile – Duer

As you are aware, Fangxing solar photovoltaic roof tile is using trademark Duer™. We allow all dealers and agents to make reasonable use of the ‘Duer’ trademark. For example, if you are going to distribute Fangxing solar roof tile, you can call it ‘Duer’. If you want to use the name in some other way, you should ask us first.

To be fair to all businesses, Fangxing insist that no business use the name ‘Duer’ in the name of the business, or a domain name of the business.