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Fangxing PSP Steel Panel Used in Aquaculture

Nearly 150,000 square meters of Fangxing PSP steel panel are installed in Aquaculture in China.

Aquaculture animal manure containing hydrogen sulfide, skatole, aldehydes, thiol, amine and ammonia, concentration. These substances are not easy to dilute, resulting in corrosion of building structure.



Because of its strong corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, fire protection, environmental protection and other characteristics, Fangxing PSP steel panel are widely recognized by customers.

Certificates and Test Reports of Fangxing Geloy Roofing Tile

Certificates & Test Reports

12000h Accelerated Aging Test

Fire Prevention Test

Freeze-thaw Cycling Test

Linear Expansion & Thermal Conductivity Test

Test for Physical Properties

Wind Resistance Test


Fast Color

The Synthetic Resin/Geloy Roofing Tile is protected by ASA resin, and tests held in Aging Test Center of Arizona and Florida by GE prove that the color will preserve for more than 10 years in nature.



The material of synthetic resin roofing tile is totally anti-corrosive, which can withstand most chemicals like acid, alkali and salt and industrial emissions. Therefore, FANGXING Geloy Roofing Tile is specially suitable for coastal areas, animal confinement buildings and heavy chemical areas.


Acoustic Insulation

The physical properties of FANGXING Geloy Roofing Tile have excellent acoustic insulation performance, which is 10~15% lower than metal sheets.


Electric Insulation

The material of Geloy Roofing Tile does not conduct electricity.


Resistance to High and Low Temperatures

FANGXING new technology made Geloy Roofing Tile can be used in wider ranges of climates. The roofing tile can keep the physical stability best cialis online pharmacy from -20°C to 85°C.


Fire Resistance and Self-extinguishing Material

Tests by National Test Center of Polymer & Building Materials prove that Geloy Roofing Tile is Class B1 material.

SABIC Innovative Plastics And Shandong FangXing

Shandong FangXing Building Materials Co., Ltd.  adopts  SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Geloy* ASA resin for Synthetic Resin Tile-Royal Tile and Roma Tile.


Rich, colorful looks and advanced protection from the elements

Shandong FangXing Building Materials Co., Ltd., as well as the Shanghai government, chose Geloy acrylic-styrene-acryonitrile (ASA) resin when producing their new roofing tiles to help overcome the many disadvantages of traditional roofing materials.

Founded in 1987, FangXing has followed the principle of serving society with high quality products at reasonable prices, and has carried forward the company spirit of diligence, enthusiasm, efficiency and innovation. In the fast-growing Chinese roofing market, FangXing wanted to design a roofing tile made of a material that would help give them an advantage over competitors and help drive the Chinese roofing industry into the future. Working with SABIC Innovative Plastics, FangXing selected Geloy ASA resin, the most weatherable polymer in the SABIC Innovative Plastics portfolio. The result is a colored polymer roofing material that offers important advantages over traditional clay and cement tiles, steel roofing and asphalt shingles.

SABIC Innovative Plastics and Shandong FangXing Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Roofing materials are used in applications far more demanding than most other building components. Roofs see more weathering and abuse than any other part of a structure. And, because of their size, roofs are a highly visible part of a building’s construction. When constructing a roof tile, a material has to be selected that is capable of withstanding the elements. Working closely with SABIC Innovative Plastics, FangXing Building Materials chose Geloy resin not only for its outstanding weatherability, but also for the material’s excellent aesthetics.

Geloy resin coextruded with polyvinylchloride (PVC) offers many advantages over traditional roofing material. Cement and clay tiles are very economical but generally exhibit poor weatherability and appearance, and are heavy and difficult to install. Asphalt shingles are fairly lightweight and weatherable, but are complicated to produce and install. On the other hand, steel roofing has a good appearance, with a variety of available colors, and is easily installed. However, it is expensive, noisy in rain and sleet, and conducts electricity.

Roofing tiles made with Geloy resin can help overcome the disadvantages of these traditional roofing materials. They offer far better waterproofing capabilities and weatherability than cement, clay or asphalt and are quieter in the rain than steel. These tiles are also lightweight, extremely impact resistant, have a high insulation value and are easy to install. A variety of design shapes and molded-in color choices – black, red, maroon, green, blue and custom colors – make tiles made from Geloy resin a very attractive and aesthetically pleasing option.

Geloy ASA resin is an advanced amorphous terpolymer ASA. The material is fully blendable with PVC as a capstock that can be thermoformed over a part, as in this application. This makes Geloy resin an excellent choice for applications such as building roofs, siding, windows and even larger applications. It also can be injected and blow molded, and even alloyed for solid applications.