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Strength of Fangxing company

 1 . Fangxing building material company founded in 1987,and have engaged in roofing tile for 23years old .become one of the leading roofing tile manufactures and suppliers in China .Fangxing continue to grow steadily and has become NO.1 on the Synthetic resin tile (Royal tile and roma tile )in China .

2. we are one of the official suppliers of 2008 Olympic Games ,2010 world Expo ,and 2010 Asian Games .Fangxing roofing tiles are also contributed to Chinese Government Foreign Aid projects.

3.) China’s national construction and building installation standard drawing by Fangxing.

4)Fangxing Synthetic resin tile coated with ASA resin ,is special 3-layer co-extruded roofing tile .As the top layer material, ASA anti –climate engineer resin is extraordinary suitable for outdoor use. Even exposed to ultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat ,chillness and impact.

 5. 1)The products remain the stability of color and physical properties. Tests held in Aging test Center of Arizona and Florida prove that △E is less than 5 within 10 years, ]

    2)Royal roof tile has passed 10,000h accelerated aging test in China National Center for Test of Chemical Building Materials. The test result (△E)of Fangxing Royal tile is 2.22

3)Pass CE authentication in the world

6. the head office of Fanxing is in Qingdao .and we still have two factory in laizhou ,Yantai city . Two branches: one is in Xi’an .one is in Shenyang .we have 88sales offices in China .most of Plain to pitch use our tile .till now we have sold 18,000,000 ㎡ till 2010 all over the world. and we have many long term partner, including A France company,we cooperate since July 2008,purchaseROYAL 2MM. ROMA 2.5MM each month .

7.we product concept is Save every inch farming land for future generations and Eco- friendly .and we also have one roof tile exhibition room .here are shows the history .as well as today and tomorrow. Fangxing keeps the managing philosophy of making the environment more beautiful without destroying any soil and any earth.

some shortcomings of cermamic tile

the skill of ceramic original from China ,the history of it is 3900years orso till now . ]

there are some short of it .be refer to the below:

1.Waste of land resources, manufacturing process of high energy consumption,

2.A big weight (45 kg/square metre roso )

3.waterproof properties is poor, grassroots must do the waterproof.

4.Color drab.

5.Loading and unloading transportation damage easily.

 6.Construction of complex, slow, watste working time .

7.Wet hang method time long slice crisp, dry hanging show separation method in basic-level do times bar and hang watts bar

 At a 45-degree Angle above the roofing must be special reinforcement, otherwise easy to fall off

Fangxing Roof Tile Exhibition Room

Our orignal intention to establish exhition room is showing clients and visitors Fangxing history, as well as today and the future. Roof tiles in future are with high technology, low-canbon and eviroment-friendly. Human living environment and condition will become better and better.

China is known as the earliest country who invented roof tiles first, which appeared at Zhuanxu and widespread at Kunwu at the time during 21~16th century BC. This is the earliest roof tile in human history, which was unearthed at Qijia Culture Sites, Qiao Village, Lingtai County, Gansu Province. This is imitation, and the original one is collected in Gansu Province Museum. Before roof tiles appeared, the ancients used branches, trunks and grass for waterproofing.

Eave tile is a kind of ceramic product used for construction. The record of using eave tile began in the middle and late Western Zhou Dynasty (1066 to 771 BC). Eave tile is convenient for water flowing, protecting the eaves, and increasing the artistic of buildings.

‘Kui-dragon’ pattern eave tile of Qin Dynasty (221~206 BC), the biggest eave tile in China, was used for the palace of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Four God eave tiles, Green Dragon, White Tiger, Rosefinch, and Black Warrior stand for different seasons and directions, which are also used to avoid evil influence and pray for happiness.

Glazed tile, which was first used on the buildings in Northern and Southern Dynasties (479 ~ 581 AD), is sturdy and colorful. Yellow color is used for royal palaces, green for mansions of princes, cyan color for sacrifice building and dark purple for gardens.

Chinese-style roof tile, which is fired in an intermittent kiln of reducing atmosphere, was first used in Song Dynasty (960~1125 AD), and peaked in Qing Dynasty (1644~1911 AD). 

Clay tile. Machine-processed plain clay tile was first produced in Jiecheng Potter in Qingdao City when it was conquered by Germany in the year of 1898. The tile is molded by clay under temperature of 1200℃.It becomes colorful glazed tile after being painted.    

Cement tile, was first recorded to be used in Changchun City when Northeast China was conquered by Japan in 1938. Nowadays cement tiles are molded by filter pressing, which have various colors.        

This section exhibits some roofing products from abroad.

Fangxing keep in touch with many manufacturers of same line in some developed countries, and these are their products for showing.

Please follow me to visit next room: Realize Fangxing

You can see PVC roofing sheet, synthetic resin roofing sheet, plain tiles (slate and shingle) and solar tiles with different specifications and colors, which are all manufactured by Fangxing. 

Our technologies of plastic foaming, compounding and three-layer co-extrusion are leading the development of roof sheet, At the same time we are the first company who mastered these technologies in China.

Fangxing slate and shingle have the features of durable, unbreakable, clear texture, natural appearance, tight overlapping, waterproofing, radiationless and environment-friendly.

Fangxing synthetic resin roof tiles have excellent performances on weather-durability, stable colors, stereoscopic effect, light weight, water resistance, environment-friendly, wind resistance, anti-corrosion and easily installation.      

12 standard colors are provided. They are Bright red, Wine Red, Terracotta, Deep Red, Brown, Orange Red, Bronze, Blue, Grey, Dark grey, White and Green. These standard roof tile colors can satisfy the customers all over the world.

Fangxing keeps the managing philosophy of making the environment more beautiful without destroying any soil and earth.