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Fangxing T-type corrugated roof tile.

New corrugated sheet 1000-T released

Today Fangxing announced new product, 1000-T, which replaces 940-T, 1020-T and 1045-T in corrugated series.

The new 1000-T sheet comes along with two significant features, one is high cover-efficiency, another is matt finish.

1000-T upvc roof sheet

Now, 1000-T and 1105-T are the main corrugated roof sheets to produce in Fangxing factory. By the way, the previous models 940-T, 1020-T and 1045-T have been removed from our production lines.

We welcome your inquiry on this new 1000-T sheet, for more information, please contact us by filling online inquiry form.

New design of synthetic resin roof sheet about to produce

A new type of synthetic resin roof sheet is designed and going to produce. The sheet aims to solve the rain leakage in South Asian countries.

From the feedback of clients in Indonesia and other countries, we recognize the current synthetic roof sheets, Royal and Roma, are hardly waterproofing under heavy rain and storm. The overlapping installation method leaves space for water leaking.

The upcoming new-designed sheet is absolutely against the problem. It’s not horizontally, but vertically overlapping, which means the rain will not flow into the gap between each sheet.

Once the new sheet is produced, we will publish news on our website, so stay focused on our news section.

New corrugated 915-T roof sheet will replace 940-T

In 2012, Fangxing will produce the corrugated roof sheet 915-T, instead of 940-T.

940-T has been produced and exported around the world for years. It’s widely used on factory, warehouse, per-fabricated buildings.

The new 915-T is an improvement of 940-T with fixed width 915mm, which means we cut down 25mm to make it have a higher utility rate. However, it has the same appearance.

In addition, the installation of 915-T is same with 940-T, we have published a installation guide last year, you can view or download it by clicking, install-1-0.pdf.

The 915-T can also be used on wall cladding.

The standard colors are blue, cream white, light green and light blue. You can check the color sample by visiting Fangxing corrugated roof sheet webpage.

Last, I pick up a project picture (above) with 940-T for reference. If you are interested, email us:

Colors of Fangxing Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Fangxing corrugated Roofing Sheet with prominent quatily, perfect resistance to fungus&humidity. and it is also widely used in workshop, warehouse, garage, stadium, shed, prefabricated building system, modular house, etc.


*720-w corrugated upvc roofing sheet

*780-T upvc roofing sheet

*940-T upvc roofing sheet

*1060-T upvc roofing sheet

*1070-T upvc roofing sheet.

*920-w upvc wall cladding.

standard colors:

light blue,blue,white,cream white.

*other colors can also be processed based on your color samples.

Corrugated Sheets Installation Guideline

Please use thin-tooth saw to cut the sheets according to your project.

Drill roofing sheets for a hole by portable electric drill, then fasten the hooks. The diameter of the hole should be 2mm bigger than that of hooks.

When you fasten the hook, please insert rubber pad under the sheets (supplied), and the hook can not be fastened too tightly.

Press the waterproof cover onto the nail.

The advantage of our corrugated tile

Why choose Fangxing corrugated roof tile? Let’s take a quick look on the features of mainstream roof tile market first, you will know the reasons people prefer Fangxing corrugated sheet.

About the bitumen tile: color monotone, no dimension, flammable, do not fire retarding.. after the plane landed the dust can not be self -cleaning, essential to do the waterproofing membrane, tar adhesives.

About the metal tile: surface corrosion resistance, thermal insulation performance is poor, when windy, rainy will have a lot of noise, surface paint color monotonous and poor insulation performance, application: steel houses.

About Fangxing corrugated tile: their own self-waterproof material, leaflets area, lap and few, in close combination lap. Alone, water level is three, together with the waterproofing membrane is a secondary level with a waterproof, flame retardant grade level to achieve BI. and beautiful shape, dimension, not fade after prolonged use, with strong decorative effect.