Monthly Archives: June 2012

New design of synthetic resin roof sheet about to produce

A new type of synthetic resin roof sheet is designed and going to produce. The sheet aims to solve the rain leakage in South Asian countries.

From the feedback of clients in Indonesia and other countries, we recognize the current synthetic roof sheets, Royal and Roma, are hardly waterproofing under heavy rain and storm. The overlapping installation method leaves space for water leaking.

The upcoming new-designed sheet is absolutely against the problem. It’s not horizontally, but vertically overlapping, which means the rain will not flow into the gap between each sheet.

Once the new sheet is produced, we will publish news on our website, so stay focused on our news section.

Fangxing Announced A New Product – Ultra Roof

Fangxing recently release their product, Ultra Roof, to global market.

Unlike other synthetic resin roof sheet, Ultra Roof don’t use Geloy ASA resin to protect itself from discoloring and anti-corrosion ability. Instead, its ingredient under advanced production technique makes it different.

Ultra Roof is made from polyester resin (unsaturated) and other additives. It survives hail and heavy snowfall.

Ultra Roof allows up to 2 meters purlin space, which means it will save more project time and money than steel, clay and other roofing materials.

By now, there’re four standard colors, white, blue, grey and red.

It’s been widely used on warehouse, factory and other industrial buildings in China for years. Now with CE certificate, Fangxing is going to promote it to the world.