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New corrugated 915-T roof sheet will replace 940-T

In 2012, Fangxing will produce the corrugated roof sheet 915-T, instead of 940-T.

940-T has been produced and exported around the world for years. It’s widely used on factory, warehouse, per-fabricated buildings.

The new 915-T is an improvement of 940-T with fixed width 915mm, which means we cut down 25mm to make it have a higher utility rate. However, it has the same appearance.

In addition, the installation of 915-T is same with 940-T, we have published a installation guide last year, you can view or download it by clicking, install-1-0.pdf.

The 915-T can also be used on wall cladding.

The standard colors are blue, cream white, light green and light blue. You can check the color sample by visiting Fangxing corrugated roof sheet webpage.

Last, I pick up a project picture (above) with 940-T for reference. If you are interested, email us:

Cooperation with TUFLITE

Shandong Fangxing currently announced that, TUFLITE POLYMERS LIMITED is authorized to be the exclusive distributor in India for three years.

TUFLITE POLYMERS LIMITED, founded in 1986 with head office in Bangalore, is one of the largest building materials dealers in India.

TUFLITE will distribute all Fangxing roofing products for three years, including synthetic roof panel, corrugated roof sheet, slate, cedar shake tile and solar slate.

This is the first time Fangxing grantee exclusive distributor right to overseas company. The products are distributed under trademark TUFLITE and TUFLOY.