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Colors of Fangxing Synethetic resin roofing tile

Synthetic resin roofing tile coated with ASA resin,is special 3-layer co-extruded roofing tile. Include Roma tile and Royal tile. Now Fangxing Synthetic resin roofing tile has been exported in large quantity to European, Africa, South Amercia, Aisa, etc. Fangxing brand continue to grow steadily and had become No.1 on Synthetic resin roofing tile. And it’s the Olympic projects specified products.

Today I want to introduce the color of it to u!

Our standard colors include: Bronze, Terracotta, Bright red, Wine red, Deep red, Antique, Cream White, White, Blue, Grey, Dark Grey, Green.

Other colors can also be processed based on your color samples .

Strength of Fangxing company

 1 . Fangxing building material company founded in 1987,and have engaged in roofing tile for 23years old .become one of the leading roofing tile manufactures and suppliers in China .Fangxing continue to grow steadily and has become NO.1 on the Synthetic resin tile (Royal tile and roma tile )in China .

2. we are one of the official suppliers of 2008 Olympic Games ,2010 world Expo ,and 2010 Asian Games .Fangxing roofing tiles are also contributed to Chinese Government Foreign Aid projects.

3.) China’s national construction and building installation standard drawing by Fangxing.

4)Fangxing Synthetic resin tile coated with ASA resin ,is special 3-layer co-extruded roofing tile .As the top layer material, ASA anti –climate engineer resin is extraordinary suitable for outdoor use. Even exposed to ultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat ,chillness and impact.

 5. 1)The products remain the stability of color and physical properties. Tests held in Aging test Center of Arizona and Florida prove that △E is less than 5 within 10 years, ]

    2)Royal roof tile has passed 10,000h accelerated aging test in China National Center for Test of Chemical Building Materials. The test result (△E)of Fangxing Royal tile is 2.22

3)Pass CE authentication in the world

6. the head office of Fanxing is in Qingdao .and we still have two factory in laizhou ,Yantai city . Two branches: one is in Xi’an .one is in Shenyang .we have 88sales offices in China .most of Plain to pitch use our tile .till now we have sold 18,000,000 ㎡ till 2010 all over the world. and we have many long term partner, including A France company,we cooperate since July 2008,purchaseROYAL 2MM. ROMA 2.5MM each month .

7.we product concept is Save every inch farming land for future generations and Eco- friendly .and we also have one roof tile exhibition room .here are shows the history .as well as today and tomorrow. Fangxing keeps the managing philosophy of making the environment more beautiful without destroying any soil and any earth.

Superior performance of Fangxing slate and shingle tile

Fangxing slate and shingle are once molded into shape under high temperature and high pressure with the main material of natural stone grains .they are presented in the tasteful and elegant constructions with a natural style.

Superior performance:

*all weather:applicable under severe climatic conditions.
*fireproofing: pass the UL94-96standard test,the result is v-0
*security:interlocking lapping between the tiles ,no prossbility to fall.
*water proof:the water absorption rate is only0.43%
*bending strength:1047N(Support spacing:260mm)