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some shortcomings of cermamic tile

the skill of ceramic original from China ,the history of it is 3900years orso till now . ]

there are some short of it .be refer to the below:

1.Waste of land resources, manufacturing process of high energy consumption,

2.A big weight (45 kg/square metre roso )

3.waterproof properties is poor, grassroots must do the waterproof.

4.Color drab.

5.Loading and unloading transportation damage easily.

 6.Construction of complex, slow, watste working time .

7.Wet hang method time long slice crisp, dry hanging show separation method in basic-level do times bar and hang watts bar

 At a 45-degree Angle above the roofing must be special reinforcement, otherwise easy to fall off

Application projects of Synthetic resin roofing tile

 Fangxing Synthetic resin roof tile include: Royal tile and Roma tile. Synthetic resin roofing tile coated with ASA resin, is a special 3-layer co-extruded roofing tile. As the top layer material, ASA anti-climate engineering resin is extraordinary suitable for outdoor use. The specifi technical performances permit installation of the tile both industrial and civil applcations. Synthetic resin roofing tile has been exported in large quantity to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, etc.

Roma черепица

Наш Рома черепицы можно назвать также синтетические смолы плитки, потому что это сделано по современной технологии из анти Geloy смолой инженерно климата путем производства компании GE известна во всем мире, что обеспечивает пользователю Advanced Materials. the most prominent features are anti-climate and fadeless colors, even exposed to ultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat, chillness and impact, it could remain the stability of color and physical properties. Наиболее характерными особенностями являются анти-климатических и неувядаемую цветами, даже подвергаются ультра-фиолетового излучения, сырости, жары, chillness и влияния, она может остаться стабильность цвета и физические свойства. Tests held in Aging Test Center of Arizona and Florida prove that Δ E is 2.22 less than 5 with in 10 years. Испытания, проведенные в Центре испытаний на старение Аризоне и Флориде доказать, что Δ Е 2,22 меньше, чем в 5 с 10 лет. Its light weight and easy installation make it particularly suitable for do it yourself activities. Его легкий вес и простота установки делают его особенно подходящим для себя сделать это мероприятие.

Corrugated Sheets Installation Guideline

Please use thin-tooth saw to cut the sheets according to your project.

Drill roofing sheets for a hole by portable electric drill, then fasten the hooks. The diameter of the hole should be 2mm bigger than that of hooks.

When you fasten the hook, please insert rubber pad under the sheets (supplied), and the hook can not be fastened too tightly.

Press the waterproof cover onto the nail.

Fangxing emboîtement ardoise

Fangxing Slate has the same shape of natural slate.Fangxing Slate a la même forme de l’ardoise naturelle. It looks natural and harmonious when used on the house. The house looks like noblest with the shingle of female color. Il semble naturel et harmonieux lorsqu’ils sont utilisés sur la maison. La maison ressemble plus nobles avec les bardeaux de couleur féminine. Fangxing Slate can be laid at pitches as low as 17.5 degrees and has led to its specification on projects as diverse as schools, churches, hotels, leisure centres, apartment blocks and town houses, as well as on traditional residential developments. Fangxing Slate peut être posé à des hauteurs aussi bas que 17,5 degrés et a conduit à sa spécification sur des projets aussi variés que les écoles, les églises, hôtels, centres de loisirs, des blocs d’appartements et maisons de ville, ainsi que sur les développements résidentiels traditionnels.

A lightweight, fully interlocking slate with a thin leading edge made from 80% recycled slate.Un léger accrochage pleinement ardoise avec un bord d’attaque minces fabriqués à partir de 80% en ardoise recyclés. Fangxing slate’s single lap design and covering capacity of 11.7m2 offers savings through faster, easier fixing, reduced roof loadings and fewer tiles required per m2. Design seul tour ardoise Fangxing et couvrant la capacité de l’épargne par le biais 11.7m2 offre rapide, plus facile de fixation, les chargements de toit réduite et exige moins de tuiles au m2.

Unlike convential slate, Fangxing Slate does not have to be graded and holed on-site and thanks to its interlocking design, there is no need to install the tile double-lapped thus offering significant savings in material and time.Contrairement à l’ardoise classiques, Fangxing Slate n’a pas à être classé et à trous sur place et grâce à son design imbriquées, il n’est pas nécessaire d’installer les tuiles à double patte offrant ainsi d’importantes économies de matériau et de temps. It is easy to installation. Il est facile d’installation.

Extraordinary Prominent of Resin Tile


Falling sphere impact test: a 1kg steel ball falls freely from a height of 1.5m onto the tile and no crack is made. After ten cycles of freeze and melting,there is no swelling, frothiness, peeling-off or crack.


Fangxing resin tile features in excellent anti-corrosion performance,which will not decline due to the erosion of rain and snow.The resin is resistant to many chemical materials such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Therefore, it is very suitable for the appplications in coastal areas with serious salt fog corrosin and the areas with serious air pollution.


The resin is dense and not water absorbing without micropore water penetration. Due to the large area of one single tile, fewer roof joints and scientific design of specific fastener, therefore, it can be self-waterproof if constructed correctly according to the installation requirements. In comparison with traditional roofing tiles of small size, it has excellent properties of self-waterproof.


Quick installation with large size of one single sheet and full set of accessories.


With China Environmental Labelling Product Certificate.

This product can be completely recycled.