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Fangxing Synthetic Cedar Shake Tile

The veins is similar as the natural cleft wood. We get the excellent capability after the materials through high temperature.

▲ It has a better percentage using than cialistoday click wood tile, and convenient for installation.

▲ It is not easy to break up.

▲ No radialization

▲ Keep away from fire

▲ No absorb wet, no wormy, and no craze.

▲ It is a saving energy and environmental products domain technical data proxy server

Projects with Fangxing PVC Roofing Tile

Fangxing corrugated Roofing Tiles have been widely used in the workshops, warehouse click cialistoday etc. The prominent anti-corrosion performance of corrugated Roofing Tiles is suitable for the applications in coastal areas with serious salt fog corrosion, and the areas with serious air pollution, especially in chemical industrial zone, etc

940T applied to Indonesia Stadium

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