Fangxing Join 119th Canton Fair

Fangxing international sales department will join 119th Canton Fair, which is held in Guangzhou city.

You will see two of our sales, Vicktor and Wangzi, directed by Alisa during the exhibition from April 15th to 19th.

Fangxing Booth No. is 10.2B19. If you’re interested in the meeting, please email us. For more information about Canton Fair, please visit the official website,

Fangxing PSP Steel Panel Used in Aquaculture

Nearly 150,000 square meters of Fangxing PSP steel panel are installed in Aquaculture in China.

Aquaculture animal manure containing hydrogen sulfide, skatole, aldehydes, thiol, amine and ammonia, concentration. These substances are not easy to dilute, resulting in corrosion of building structure.



Because of its strong corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, fire protection, environmental protection and other characteristics, Fangxing PSP steel panel are widely recognized by customers.

Slate Roof Project in Melbourne Australia

FANGXING Slates are once molded into shape under high temperature and high pressure with the main materials of natural stone grains. They are presented in the tasteful and elegant constructions with natural style.

Superior Performance:
All -weather: applicable under severe climatic conditions
Fireproofing: pass the UL94-96 Standard test, the result is V-0
Security: Interlocking lapping between the tiles, no possibility to fall
Waterproofing: the water absorption rate is only 0.43%
Bending Strength: 1047N (Support spacing: 260mm)

CSIRO approved in Australia, and match the fireproofing standard over there.

Below is a natural slate roof replaced by FANGXING interlocking slate in Melbourne.IMG_1621

IMG_1622       IMG_1623


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Fangxing at BAU 2015 in Munich

From January 19th to 24th, Fangxing exhibited at the BAU 2015 trade fair for architecture and building materials in Munich.

Fangxing is a professional roof tiles manufacturer from China, which has exported to over 50 countries and with 28 years history since founded.

Fangxing supply competitive price and high quality roof products with CE certification to big building supermarket like “Leroy Merlin”, “B&Q”, “McCover”, “BRICOMART”, ect.

Export Product Trade Fair of Shandong China And Poland

Fangxing international business department will exhibit on ‘Export Product Trade Fair of Shandong China And Poland’ in Warsaw Poland.

The trade fair is organized by Commercial Bureau of Shandong, aiming to improve business cooperation between Poland and China. Selected top Chinese companies will join, covering machinery, auto accessories, building materials, garment, home appliances and other industries.

The fair is located in Warsaw Chinese Mall, which is the biggest wholesale market of daily consumer goods in Poland.

The fair will begin on June 11th and end on 13th.

Address: Nadrzeczna 1605-552 wolka Kosowska Poland
Time: 6/11/2015 ~ 6/13/2015

I will update booth number once I get it. If you are interested in meeting Fangxing in this event, don’t hesitate to contact us by email,