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Fangxing And Shanghai World Expo

The 41st World Expo was held in Shanghai on May 1st, 2010.

Shanghai World Expo will be around the theme "Better City, Better Life" to promote concept of understanding, communication, gathering and cooperation. It's an interpretation of the colorful and beautiful world civilization.

The 'plain to pitch' roof rebuilding project is the highlight of transformation of Shanghai city. Since 1999, the comprehensive transformation started, planning and organizing the related implementation to meet the World Expo.

2 Million Square Meters

Shanghai 'plain to pitch' roof rebuilding had strict demanding on quality. The General Electric (GE) staff, Mr. Zhouqiang, brought Fangxing synthetic roof tile to show the Shanghai Municipal Housing Authority. The authority approved to have a trial order. Meanwhile, Mr. Taojun contributed to the Fangxing roof tile trial demonstration.

In December 2004, two model buildings in Changning District were finished with Fangxing synthetic roof tile.

Fangxing supplied 2 million square meters roof tile in the re-roofing project for Shanghai World Expo.