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Cooperation with General Electric USA

In order to find out a solution on PVC roof tile discoloring problem, Fangxing R&D team used a lot of materials under a long process of trial and error, but the results were not satisfactory. The attemp to make roof tile fastcolor continued, until a phonecall from GE.

GE's synthetic resin, Geloy, has been widely used on home appliance and auto mobile. When an engineer knew Fangxing was searching for a material to prevent PVC roof tile from discoloring, he introduced the Geloy resin.

Ten months later, the Geloy roof tile was produced. All related tests were finished and proved that it's the best PVC roofing material.


From May 2002, GE engineers visited Fangxing factory to assist experiment. There're a lot of problems occured, such as Geloy resin couldnot be extruded evenly, or the resin compound with PVC material. Till March 2003, the first Geloy synthetic resin ASA roof tile was manufactured successfully.

Fangxing signed a contract with GE on using Geloy ASA resin to produce roof tile, which is a milestone in roof tile history.

Domestic Marketing

The story was not ended, GE marketing team began to promote Fangxing Geloy roof tile in China and worldwide. Mr. Derek Bluckmaster from ESR suggested 'shared brand' and 'help client go successful' ideas impress everyone in Fangxing.

Fangxing Geloy roof tile has been a successful product in China, clients contact us and inquire and order. Most government projetcs use Fangxing Geloy roof, because it's solid, fastcolor, self-cleaning.

Global Competition

On May 25 2005, Jeffrey R. Immelt visited China and invited Fangxing founder Mr. Ren to dinner. Immelt talked about the cooperation and confirmed Fangxing Geloy roof will be greatly welcomed in global market.

The picture on the right is GE's booth, where you can see Fangxing Geloy tile exhibited. Together with GE marketing team, Fangxing Geloy roof tiles have been exported to South Africa, Asia, Europe and America.